Every business is different and has specific business requirements. Our main aim is to help you grow your business, which in-turn will grow our business. Therefore, we have built 1VideoStream platform in such a manner that covers all your video requirements. However, should you have any specific requirement then we are always happy to understand them and provide you with the best possible solution.

Currently we provide two types of services:

Standard Service

Provided as part of the 1VideoStream platform license with no separate cost.

Customized Service

Should you need any other service than our standard services then we are more than happy to help you with an appropriate solution at an affordable cost.

Service Name Standard Service Customized Service
1VideoStream Platform Yes Yes^^
Supported Device Apps Yes Yes^^
Customer Facing Website Yes Yes^^
Monetization: Subscription Model Yes No
Monetization: Transactional Model Yes No
Monetization: Advertisement Model No Yes**
Analytics Yes Yes^^
Content Security Yes Yes^^
Platform/Software Upgrades Yes No
Content Management No Yes††
Downlinking/Stream Capture No Yes
Transcoding Yes No
CDN No Yes**
Support Yes Yes∞
Professional Service Yes Yes
Consultancy Yes Yes

** Customized based on demographics of target customers and 3rd party suppliers.
^^ Bespoke development available on request as per requirements.
†† Bespoke due to quantity of the video content offered to end customers.
∞ Second line email support available during office hours as standard. Any other support requirements should be discussed separately.